A New Look…

Hi to all the supporters of the Critically Endangered Western Ground Parrot. We have taken the brave, bold step of updating their website to make it more interactive and interesting.

It still has all the same information and features as before but we have made it easier for a committee member to edit and update the site so you should see content being adding to the site more regularly, both in the BLOG and in other pages on the website.

We would also like to add posts about what our members and volunteers are doing to raise awareness and support the recovery of the ground parrot. So if you have a story that you would like to add to the BLOG, send it to us in an email and we will put it up as a post on our website.

Finally, you can still purchase some of the WGP merchandise that we have available with all proceeds going to the recovery of the ground parrot.

Until later, The Editor.

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