Parklands Primary School “Save the Ground Parrot” Song

Today the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot Chair Paul Wettin attended Parklands Primary School to hear their song dedicated to Kyloring, the Western Ground Parrot.

Parklands is a small independent based in Albany that has a strong connection to protecting the environment. Students from the school have been participating in fauna trapping at Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve with the Parks and Wildlife Service for several years and learning about recovery of threatened species.

Parklands Teacher Marg Sefton has been a driving force in this program and has engaged the students in song writing about local environmental issues and is using the musical products to raise funds to support conservation efforts.

This year the students have taken the Western Ground Parrot under their song writing wing, which was performed today for parents, Friends of the Western Ground Parrot committee members and staff. The students were supported by Mark Comer and Andrew Collins on their guitars.

Click below to hear the Parklands Song

ABC Radio Version with Andrew Collins interviewing the students

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