FWGP Newsletter Spring 2021

Happy Spring to everyone, I hope that you are enjoying some warmer weather. We are certainly seeing a change down here on the south coast with intermittent sunshine in amongst spring rains. In terms of Ngoongar/Nyungar seasons we are nearing the end of Djilba (the season of conception) and entering Kambarang (the season of birth). For more information on Ngoongar/Nyungar season check out the Bureau of Meteorology site.

So with Djilba / Kambarang comes the FWGP Spring Newsletter. Read about conception activity and hopefully birth with the captive ground parrots in Perth Zoo and further information about the recent translocation undertaken by DBCA and partners. Below is a link for the PDF version.

Western Ground Parrot featured in BirdLife WA Bird Notes

Recently BirdLife Western Australia featured the western ground parrot in an article written by project officer Helena Stokes. Helena is hosted by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Parks and Wildlife Service, South Coast Region and works closely with DBCA staff in implement recovery actions for the ground parrot.

Helena’s position has been funded through the Australian Government’s Bushfire and Wildlife Recovery Fund and has been assisting to implement recovery actions such as post fire survey and monitoring using Autonomous Recording Units and the recent (and first ever) translocation of the western ground parrot.

As BirdLife Western Australia doesn’t have a website currently, they have provided permission to place a copy of the article here for members and supporters to access. Click the link to the article below to read about the great collaboration between DBCA and BirdLife WA.

Saving Kyloring Newsletter Winter 2021

Winter is well and truly here with a wet start to the season that we haven’t seen for quite sometime. But it is a good excuse to snuggle up in front of the fire and read the Saving Kyloring Winter 2021 Newsletter that contains some pretty exciting news and developments in the recovery of the western ground parrot. You can either read it online here or download the PDF below.

Parklands Primary School “Save the Ground Parrot” Song

Today the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot Chair Paul Wettin attended Parklands Primary School to hear their song dedicated to Kyloring, the Western Ground Parrot.

Parklands is a small independent based in Albany that has a strong connection to protecting the environment. Students from the school have been participating in fauna trapping at Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve with the Parks and Wildlife Service for several years and learning about recovery of threatened species.

Parklands Teacher Marg Sefton has been a driving force in this program and has engaged the students in song writing about local environmental issues and is using the musical products to raise funds to support conservation efforts.

This year the students have taken the Western Ground Parrot under their song writing wing, which was performed today for parents, Friends of the Western Ground Parrot committee members and staff. The students were supported by Mark Comer and Andrew Collins on their guitars.

Click below to hear the Parklands Song

ABC Radio Version with Andrew Collins interviewing the students

A New Look…

Hi to all the supporters of the Critically Endangered Western Ground Parrot. We have taken the brave, bold step of updating their website to make it more interactive and interesting.

It still has all the same information and features as before but we have made it easier for a committee member to edit and update the site so you should see content being adding to the site more regularly, both in the BLOG and in other pages on the website.

We would also like to add posts about what our members and volunteers are doing to raise awareness and support the recovery of the ground parrot. So if you have a story that you would like to add to the BLOG, send it to us in an email and we will put it up as a post on our website.

Finally, you can still purchase some of the WGP merchandise that we have available with all proceeds going to the recovery of the ground parrot.

Until later, The Editor.