The Western Ground Parrot Committee

The committee currently consists of eight volunteers located across Australia who are committed to Saving Kyloring delivering on the objects of the group’s constitution.

Paul Wettin

(BSc- Biology, MSc- Zoology)


Paul worked professionally in water management in NSW for government and as a consultant for some 35 years, specialising in environmental water management. He has lived in Albany / Kinjarling since 2013 and was immediately attracted to the amazing biodiversity and beauty of the region, including help for Kyloring. He can be found most mornings swimming at Middleton Beach / Binalup.

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Phil Bailey

(Dip. Bkg.Fin, Dip FP, F.Fin.)


Phil worked in the banking industry in Western Australia for 38 years before retiring. He served as a Bank Manager in places as diverse as Esperance, Karratha, Corrigin, Albany and Bunbury. Having spent 5 years in Esperance in the 1980s he is familiar with the area that the rare parrots inhabit. He has lived in Albany for the past 17 years.

Deon Utber


Committee Member

Deon has been a committee member since 2009, when he started as Secretary for a brief period. Deon works for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions but volunteers his own time to the committee. Deon is also a dab hand at the IT stuff and maintains the website and puts the newsletter together.

Julie Lee



Although her professional background is as a Company Secretary, and prior to that as an accountant, Julie’s passion has always been for wildlife and the environment.  She supports a myriad of environmental and wildlife organisations and was previously a wildlife carer.  Julie is Perth-born and although she’s been living “over East” for 30+ years, she has never lost her connection to WA.  Apart from an obvious soft spot for the WGP, her favourite native animal is the numbat!

Chris Young


Committee Member

An engineering manager within the water industry for over 25 years Chris is a crazy keen birder, bird bander, bird photographer and seabird rescuer. He is extremely passionate about the environment and ensuring that the Western Ground Parrot will be around for future generations. When he’s not watching birds he’s watching football…the proper one with the round ball.

Georgette Hawes

Committee Member

Georgette currently works in the waste management industry, focusing on landfill diversion and recycling in the commercial and industrial sector. Georgette holds a Bachelor of Science Double Major in Palaeontology and Evolution, and First Class Honours in Ecology and Environmental Science from the University of Adelaide. Her honours year was spent extracting DNA from modern (wild and captive) and historic Western Ground Parrot samples from Australia and international museums. This preliminary research looked at the genetic diversity and relatedness of Western Ground Parrots to provide a springboard for further research into Western Ground Parrot genetics. Georgette has a great love for birds, especially The Western Ground Parrot and Budgies, and also participates in amateur bird sighting data collection.

Bios for other committee members, Liz Tanner, Peter Stewart and Sue Plewright will be coming soon…

Some photos of our past and present committee members in action


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